Digital Signal Processing

With our extensive digital signal processing skill set, we have the ability to approach even the most complex real world problems head on. Our experts share several publications in prestigious signal processing journals and conferences. Our digital signal processing group comprises of PhD and scholars from top US and Pakistani universities.

Signal processing is essential for wide range of applications. Commercial communication to military Radar systems utilize signal processing to utilize the available resources to the fullest. We have had the honor of contributing to the development of first fully indigenously produced Radar in Pakistan. Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), GSR is a ground based portable surveillance radar. Our experts contributed to development of core signal processing algorithm of the GSR Radar. The Radar algorithm has been proven its performance in the field. Pakistan army is all set on inducting these to its arsenal.

Additionally, our high profile experts have been involved in developing highly complex processor for wide-band IF system. The processor performs real time spectrum estimation, signal detection and parameter estimation on incoming wide-band multi-gigahertz IF signal. The processor is capable of measuring time & frequency domain parameters of the incoming signal at nanoseconds intervals.

Areas of specialization

  • Wireless communication
    • Spread Spectrum (Frequency hopping & code-division)
    • MIMO system design
  • RADAR signal processing
    • Pulsed Doppler Processor
    • Constant False Alarm Rate Processor
    • MTI Processor
    • Clutter Rejection Filtering
    • Matched Filtering
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
    • CW Processing
    • Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Processing
    • LFM Signal Processing
    • PM Signal Processing
  • Data Compression
    • Lossless & Lossy Compression Algorithms
    • Real-time Data Compression
  • FPGA Implementation Cost Estimator
  • Simulation & Modeling