Electronic design & development

End-to-end Product Development

Product Development is a complex process that requires a concerted effort of managing a project through the various stages of development. Our team at BCUBE utilizes an integrated approach in the way we handle your project during definition, development, and manufacturing stages and converge on your ultimate goal: To get the product you want at the quality, functionality, and cost that are required to make it a market success.

 A Good Start

Our electronic Product Development and electronic design services are firmly rooted in our experience in electronics manufacturing. Collaboration between our designers, engineers, and manufacturing specialists allows us to consider the effects the design will have during manufacturing phase at a very early stages. As a result, you benefit from a product that is designed for successful mass production from the outset and take advantage of cost reduction, reduced risks, and a shorter time-to-market.
We have worked on numerous projects and this makes it possible for you to leverage our experience developing products in the following sectors:

Consumer electronics Electronic Warfare Systems
Automotive Wireless Communication Systems
Avionics RF/Microwave Systems
Manufacturing automation